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5.9 Keyboard Traversal Options

 By default, pressing the navigation keys(e.g. tab, shift-tab and up/down arrows) automatically skips the (1) scrollbars, (2) add, (3) view, and (4) del buttons. However, nxqddb provides checkbuttons to allow you to configure whether or not you want these widgets to be included in the tabbing sequence. To activate these widgets, click the appropriate checkbutton from the ``Configure/Keyboard Traversal'' menu as shown in figure 5.21.

Figure 5.21: Set tabbing for scrollbars, add, view and delete buttons

If any of the keyboard traversal checkbuttons are on (i.e. the checkbutton square is red), then nxqddb will not skip over the widget when you tab to it. Most users tend to like the default option -- scrollbars, add, view and del buttons turned off.

Try this experiment to see the behavior of the keyboard traversal. First, be sure that the keyboard traversal is turned off for the scrollbars, add, view and del buttons. Then position the cursor in the topmost entry and tab through all the fields. Notice how the focus does not stop on the scrollbar or the pushbuttons. Now, turn on the keyboard traversal for the Add and View buttons. Then, tab through the fields again. Notice how the focus visits the Add and View buttons since you turned on the keyboard traversal for these buttons.

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