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5.6 Fonts

  Clicking the ``Configure/Fonts'' menubutton displays the

Figure 5.13: Font Configuration Window

``Font Configuration'' window shown in figure 5.13. You can individually customize a particular widget type font's (1) family, (2) slant, (3) weight, and (4) Size. To set all the widget fonts together, follow these steps:

  1. Set the Default font's family, slant, weight and size values. To set these values, left-click on the word. For example,

    Figure 5.14: Font's family options

    from figure 5.13, clicking on the Default font's Family value will display a popup window for you to choose a font family (see figure 5.14). Repeat this action for the slant, weight and size attributes.

  2. Click the ``Set all fonts to default'' pushbutton. Notice that all the widget fonts are immediately set to your chosen default font.
  3. At this point, click the Ok button to save your settings and return to your nxqddb window.
At any time, you can choose the ``Cancel'' button to return to the nxqddb window with your fonts unchanged.

You'll notice that there are only two options available for the Listbox' family selection: (1) courier, and (2) fixed. These two fonts have a fixed character size (that is, each character occupies the same width) so that listbox columns will always be aligned.

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