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An ASCII Database for Fast Queries
of Relatively Stable Data

Appears in Computing Systems, Volume 4, Number 2
Copyright (c) 1991 by the Regents of the University of California

Eric H. Herrin II - Raphael Finkel

Spring, 1991


This paper describes qddb, a database program suite that addresses the common situation in which data are infrequently changed. Searches in the stable parts of databases are very efficient because they use hash-based searching through a completely inverted index, whereas searches in updated sections are less so. All files used by qddb are in Ascii format, so they can be easily modified by a knowledgeable user with a simple text editor. The Ascii format does not detract significantly from the efficiency of our database package, and it allows databases to be distributed and completely portable between architectures. The qddb suite currently runs under both BSD and System V tex2html_wrap_inline813 on a variety of machines. It is capable of querying large databases on small machines with limited memory.

Herrin Software Development, Inc.

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