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Note that all applications require separate Qddb installation.

Watch this page! Most of the applications have been ported to QddbScript for easier customization! Also, several new applications are due to appear soon:


Addressbook 1.7

Keep track of all your contacts(business/personal) in a Qddb addressbook. Send letters, postcards, e-mail to all your friends and relatives!

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Download qaddressbook now!

Albums 1.3

Keep track of all your music albums and CDs.

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Bug tracker 1.3

A nifty little Qddb-based script for issuing and tracking software bugs. Can easily be modified for managing other types of defects.

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Coming soon!

Business clients 1.5

A small application for managing business client information.

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Coming soon!

FAQ manager 1.1

This utility was created to ease the task of maintaining FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) information. Using Qfaq's convenient interface, you create your categories and then input your question/answer information into your database. Qfaq can generate HTML reports (complete with hyperlinked indexes) or ASCII reports. A convenient "basket" feature is available for generating reports based on search criteria. Hence, you can selectively choose what information is produced in the report (i.e. FAQ listings).

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Gustar 1.3

Index your web sites with little effort! Sample search
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Qbib version 2.0

Keep track of your references. Imports and exports BibTeX files. Includes a postscript copy of the manual and full source code.
  • Import and export BibTex files
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Integrated handling of mandatory and optional fields
  • Export basket for each BibTeX file generation
  • Imports TeX .aux files directly into the search results for quick export
  • All the report generation and searching power of Qddb!
  • Available in both source code and binary form
  • Qbib sources work with Qddb 2.0 and later.

    Download Qbib sources now!

    Qgoals version 1.1

    Qgoals is a tool to help you accomplish your goals! Well, at least it provides a convenient way to document your goals in a structured manner. You can quickly review your goals and enter things like:
  • journal notes
  • categorize your goals
  • list the obstacles you must overcome to accomplish your goal
  • document the people, places and organizations you need to work with to accomplish your goals
  • document the rewards you'll gain for accomplishing your goal; thus, by periodically reviewing the rewards, you can stir up motivation to work harder!
  • status
  • a detailed game plan to provide the strategy for accomplishing your goals
  • Coming soon!

    Qtime version 2.0

    A project time tracking software package. Includes:
  • New preferences
  • automatic job number and client id generation
  • each client can have many individual jobs and each job has many time splits
  • stopwatch functionality to automatically track time
  • capability to manually add new time intervals or modify existing time splits created from the timer
  • individual time splits along with total time charge
  • record your comments per individual time split or per project
  • computation of ``amount due'' based on total time charged and hourly rate values
  • discount percent field available. Totals are automatically updated whenever user modifies hourly rate and/or discount percent
  • convenient history menu that enables quick access to timers that have been used most recently
  • selection of second charges (truncate, round, etc.)
  • ability to print/email statements
  • report generation capability based on Qddb's builtin report generator to find out exactly where all your time goes
  • small "getting started" document in postscript
    (also available on-line)
  • full source code
  • and much more!
  • Qtime sources work with Qddb 2.0 and later.
    On-line documentation
    Download Qtime sources now!

    Quiver (QUIck and dirty VEgetarian Recipes) 1.7

    An application for managing recipes. Includes nearly 2,000 fat-free recipes from the folks.
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    Download quiver now!

    Runner's log 1.4

    If you're a runner, use this application to log each run's time, distance, course, date of run, weather conditions and comments.

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    Download qrunlog now!

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