Online Qddb Documentation

Qddb User's Guide
Describes Qddb 2.0 from a user's perspective. Detailed explanation of the nxqddb interface. Learn how to create a powerful addressbook application in under 5 minutes!
QddbScript in a Nutshell
Describes designing forms with QddbScript, Qddb's new language for quickly building custom applications.
A Guide to Qddb
Overall guide to Qddb including: introduction, getting started, compiling and installing Qddb, writing Tcl applications using Qddb and designing custom Qddb Interfaces with the Fx toolkit!
Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions ranging from "What is Qddb?" to "Regular expressions don't seem to work on my DEC Alpha running OSF/1. Help?"
Qddb Manual Pages
The complete set of Qddb Manual pages are available online!

Online Technical Papers

An ASCII Database for Fast Queries of Relatively Stable Data
Technical paper appears in Computing Systems, Volume 4, Number 2 Copyright (c) 1991 by the Regents of the University of California Authors: Eric H. Herrin II - Raphael Finkel
Tuple and Schema Trees: An Intuitive Structure for Representing Relational Data
Technical paper appears in Computing Systems, Volume 9, Number 2 Copyright (c) 1996 by the USENIX Association Authors: Eric H. Herrin, II - Raphael A. Finkel
The Qddb Database Suite
Linux Journal, #46 February 1998 Authors: Eric H. Herrin, II - Gilbert J. Benson, Jr.

PDF/Postscript versions available via FTP

Technical papers

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