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8.2 Steps to creating graphs

 Here are the steps to creating a graph in nxqddb:

  1. Bring up the reports window by clicking the ``Edit/Reports'' menubutton.
  2. From the Reports window, enter a search criteria for each graph item. For example, in our Acme scenario, we'll create four(4) search criteria, one for each bug classification: nasty, cosmetic, fluff and cosmetic.
  3. Choose the ``Results format''. In our scenario, we just click the ``Results format'' button and accept the default settings.
  4. After you've chosen the search criteria and set the results format, the graph checkbutton will become enabled in both the ``Printing options'' and ``Setup'' panels.
  5. Click the ``Graph'' checkbutton on the ``Printing options'' panel.
  6. Click the ``Graph'' pushbutton on the ``Setup'' panel to tell nxqddb how to graph your information.
  7. The final step is to click the ``Run report'' button. nxqddb will display the standard print dialog box to prompt you for a printer destination.

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