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8.1 Acme's schema and database for the graph scenario

Assume Acme has four types of classifications for its software bugs: (1) nasty, (2) cosmetic, (3) fluff and (4) documentation. The goal of this exercise is to plot the number of bugs reported over time for each of the four classifications.

For this scenario, assume Acme's database was created with the schema shown in figure 8.1(intentionally kept simple for illustrating graphs).

NumberOfDaysSinceLaunch type integer
CumulativeNumberOfBugs type integer

Figure 8.1: Acme's bug tracking schema

The attributes for Acme's schema are described below:

This field will contain one of: (1) nasty, (2) cosmetic, (3) fluff and (4) documentation.
This field will be a count of the number of days since the Acme product was launched. This field will be used for the X-axis in our graph.
This field will be a cumulative total for the number of bugs for the specific classification entered. This field will be used for the Y-axis in our graph.

Also, assume the contents of Acme's bug tracking database contains the records displayed in table 8.1.

Table 8.1: Input data for Acme's bug tracking graph example

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