Latest Qddb Release Information
Latest Qddb Release Information

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A complete reference for nxqddb and all Fx-based applications!

Current version is 2.0.15.

Qddb 2.0.15

  • Many updates and fixes over 2.0.9
  • QddbScript for quick and easy GUI form generation! Have a nice custom user interface up and running in only a few minutes!
  • CSV import
  • Extremely user-friendly graphical tool for quick prototypes
  • Simple-search and expert-search mechanisms for quick lookups. Numeric ranges, string ranges, date ranges, and regular expressions supported.
  • Configurable search results - displays only the columns you want to see, the way you want to see them!
  • Support for international date formats from the user interface
  • User-defined columns for search results and reports
  • User-configurable GUI field types and sizes
  • Integrated report generator - generate reports, export, letters, postcards, e-mail, color barcharts and graphs. Handles nested queries with ease; time-range analysis, numeric ranges, string summaries, and much more!
  • Fx programmer's toolkit for custom applications - simply bind your screen entries to the database fields and let Qddb handle all the database functions! (see some examples)
  • Hx toolkit 2.1 for CGI programming. Put your databases on the web with only a few lines of code! (see our Online databases)
  • Much more!

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