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A Schemas for common applications

We provide some schemas in this appendix for you to use. Of course, you can modify these schemas to fit your needs or create new ones.  

Rolodex schema

Name ( 
        Title alias title
        First alias firstname
        Middle alias middlename
        Last alias lastname
Address (
        Street alias street
        City alias city
        State alias state
        Zip alias zip
        Country alias country
) *
Phone (
        Description alias phonedescription
        Area verbosename "Area Code" alias areacode
        Number alias phonenumber
) *
Email *
Homepage verbosename "WWW Home Page" alias homepage
Birthday type date

Library schema

# Qddb relation for personal library
Book (
    ISBN Title Authors * Subject
    Keywords verbosename "Key Words"
    Publisher *
    Series verbosename "Book Series"
    Year Edition Printing Abstract
Borrowers (
    Address (
        Street City State
        Zip verbosename "Zip Code"
    Phones (
        Desc verbosename "Description"
        Number (
            Area type integer
            Prefix type integer
            Suffix type integer
    Borrowed verbosename "Date Borrowed" type date
    Returned verbosename "Date Returned" type date

Running log schema

DateOfRun verbosename "Date: " type date 
Course verbosename "Course: "
Time verbosename "Time: " type date format "%H:%M:%S"
Distance verbosename "Distance (miles): " type real format "%3.1f"
WeatherConditions verbosename "Weather conditions: "
Comments *

Bug tracking schema

Status verbosename "Status:"   # open, closed, working, deferred
TrackingCode verbosename "Bug number:" type integer
Severity verbosename "Severity:"
Category verbosename "Type:"
RelatedIssues verbosename "Related issues:"
Abstract verbosename "Abstract:"
Description verbosename "Bug description:"

Originator (
  Submittedby verbosename "Name:"
  Company verbosename "Company:"
  DateSubmitted verbosename "Submitted on:" type date
  TimeSubmitted verbosename "Time submitted:" type date format "%H:%M:%S"
  Email verbosename "Email:"

Software (
  OperatingSystem verbosename "Operating system:"
  Release verbosename "Software release:"
  Configuration verbosename "Configuration:"

Hardware ( 
  Processor verbosename "Processor:"
  Memory verbosename "Memory:"
  GraphicsCard verbosename "Graphics card:"
  Monitor verbosename "Monitor:"
  Notes verbosename "Notes:"
CC verbosename "Email CC:"
Comments verbosename "Comments:"

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