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11.3 Entering your attributes

 To define your database, you simply key the attribute names in the Schema file.

11.3.1 Valid attribute names

The attribute names must begin with an alphabetic character (``a'' through ``z'', either upper or lower case) and may continue with any alphanumeric characters.

11.3.2 Unique Attribute Names

Each attribute name must be unique within the schema. However, you can share the same name across two different structured groupings. For example, in figure 11.2, we use the attribute name ``Description'' to describe (1) a phone number description and (2) an address description.

# Sample schema illustrating that two attributes can have
# the same name --- provided the names are in different 
# subgroups.
Phone (
  Description verbosename "Phone Description:"
Address (
  Description verbosename "Address Description:"
  Street City State Zipcode

Figure 11.2: Names can be the same across different structured groups

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