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Printing from nxqddb is controlled via a standard print dialog shown in figure 6.1.    

Figure 6.1: Printer Selection Dialog Box

From the print dialog, you can direct your output to any printer destination, floppy disk, hard drive, preview it on screen or Email the output to others. You can select the report to be in ascii or postscript.

If you select the postscript format, the ``Settings...'' button will become enabled for you to set various postscript options. The postscript settings are shown in figure 6.2

Figure 6.2: Postscript settings window

If you wish to save your report to your hard disk, choosing the ``File'' radiobutton enables the ``Browse'' button. Choosing this button displays a standard Tk browse window(see figure 6.3) to allow you to easily find a file of your choice.

Figure 6.3: Standard browse window

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