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3.5 Accelerator Keys

 With nxqddb, certain actions have accelerator keys that you can press instead of using the mouse to invoke the action. Each menu selection in the menubar has a letter that is underlined. This visual clue lets you know that the selection has an accelerator key defined by pressing(and holding) the ALT key while pressing the key that is underlined. For example, if you press the <ALT-F> key, the File pulldown menu will be displayed. Pressing the <ALT-E> key displays the Edit menu and so on.

Once the pulldown menu is displayed, you can also use accelerators to launch a particular action on the menu by pressing the <ALT> key combination specified to the right of the menu label.


To see how to use accelerators, lets switch back and forth between Change Mode and Read-Only Mode. To perform this example, first find a record and get into change mode. Then, with the record in change mode, do this key sequence:
  1. ALT-M to display the Modes menu
  2. ALT-R to go to Read-Only Mode
  3. ALT-M to display the Modes menu
  4. ALT-C to go to Change Mode

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