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2.2.2 Entry types

There are three basic types of entry fields: entry, text, and radiobutton. The entry type is a single line entry field and accepts the width=INTEGER option to set its initial width. The text type is a multi-line entry field with a scrollbar that accepts the width=INTEGER and height=INTEGER options. Since the radiobutton type is contained in a text box, it also accepts both the width and height options, as well as an arbitrary number of value=STRING options to set the values of the radiobuttons' labels. All entry types require an attr= option.


    [text attr=Items.Desc width=40 height=4 side=top]
    [entry attr=Items.Price width=10 noexpand]
    [radiobutton attr=PaymentType height=1
        value="Visa" value="M/C" value="AmEx"
        value="Cash" value="Check"

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