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3.4 Using Tcl libraries

You may append any Tcl libraries you like to the current list ``auto_path'', however, you must append the library path before calling any procedures in that library. Typically you should do this before the [prologue], but you can append to the auto_path anywhere you like.

    [code value={
        lappend auto_path /usr/local/lib/mylibrary1 \

If you are building your own Tcl libraries for use with QddbScript, you must remember to build a tclIndex file for each library before use:

    $ echo 'auto_mkindex /usr/local/lib/mylibrary1 *.tcl' \
        | /usr/local/bin/qtclsh
    $ echo 'auto_mkindex /usr/local/lib/mylibrary2 *.tcl' \
        | /usr/local/bin/qtclsh

You can always build a Makefile for your application and insert commands like this for easy installation (see Section 3.6 for a detailed example).

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