# Copyright (C) 1997-2001 Herrin Software Development, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
# This file is part of Qaddressbook

[code value={
    set qaddressbook_library LIBRARY_DIR
    set qaddressbook_version 1.6
    lappend auto_path $qaddressbook_library
[code value={Qaddressbook:MenuSetup}]
[options autoalign]
[frame attr=Name label="Name" relief=groove border=3]
    [entry attr=Name.Title width=4 noexpand]
    [entry attr=Name.First width=10 noexpand]
    [entry attr="Name.Middle" width=8 side=left noexpand]
    [entry attr="Name.Last" width=15 side=left]
[end frame]

[frame attr=Address side=top relief=groove border=3]
    [text attr="Address.Street" width=20 height=4 side=top]
    [entry attr="Address.City" width=20 side=left]
    [entry attr="Address.State" width=3 side=left noexpand]
    [entry attr="Address.Zip" width=10 side=left]
    [entry attr="Address.Country" width=15]
[end frame]

[frame attr=Phone border=3 relief=groove]
    [entry attr=Phone.Desc width=15] 
    [entry attr=Phone.AreaCode width=5 noexpand] 
    [entry attr=Phone.Number width=12 noexpand]
[end frame]

[frame relief=groove border=3]
    [entry attr=Email width=15][break]
    [entry attr=Homepage label="Home page" width=30]
[end frame]

[tab label="Personal Info" underline=0]
[frame border=3 relief=groove]
    [radiobutton attr=Sex value="Male" value="Female" value="Unknown" noexpand] 
    [code value={
        [=Sex cget -w].e.t.r0 configure -text M
        [=Sex cget -w].e.t.r1 configure -text F
        [=Sex cget -w].e.t.r2 configure -text "?"
    [radiobutton attr=Relation
        value="Relative" value="Friend" value="Colleague" value="Business"
    [entry attr=Hobbies width=15]

    # If you want European date style, instead of US (default), then
    # rearrange the following date fields to suit your preference
    [entry attr=BirthMonth label="Month" width=2 noexpand]
    [entry attr=BirthDay label="Day" width=2 noexpand]
    [entry attr=BirthYear label="Year" width=4 noexpand]
    [code value={
        set child [=BirthYear cget -w]
        set parent [winfo parent $child]
        pack [label $parent.l -text "Age"] -side left
        pack [entry $parent.e -textvariable gv_age -width 3 -state disabled] \
                -side left
    [options noautoalign]
    [text attr=Comments side=top width=30 height=8]
    [code value="pack [=Comments cget -w].f_0 -side top -anchor nw"]
[end frame]
[end tab]
[tab label=Work underline=0]
[frame attr=Work border=3 relief=groove]
    [entry attr=Work.JobTitle label="Title/Occupation" width=10]
    [entry attr=Work.Occupation label="/" width=10] 
    [entry attr=Work.Name width=10] [break]
    [frame attr=Work.Address border=0]
        [text attr=Work.Address.Street height=4 width=30]
        [entry attr=Work.Address.City width=15]
        [entry attr=Work.Address.State width=2 noexpand]
        [entry attr=Work.Address.Zip width=10 noexpand]
    [end frame]
    [entry attr=Work.Comments width=40]
[end frame]
[end tab]
[end notebook]
[code value="Qaddressbook:Bindings"]